Celery Juice. What's the deal?

I've been listening to and reading about the Medical Medium, Anthony William, for quite some time and when I heard him talk about celery juicing I was really interested. I've done several juice cleanses so had a good idea what the next week would entail, or so I thought I did.

What originally began as a one week challenge for my health and wellness coaching clients quickly turned into a small public event for two weeks! I was receiving messages after day 2 asking what this was all about. Well this is the scoop.

It's celery. Straight pure celery.

"If people knew all the potent healing properties of celery juice, it would be widely hailed as a miraculous superfood. Celery has an incredible ability to create sweeping improvements for all kinds of health issues", says Medical Medium (1). Some of the benefits include:

- anti-inflammatory

- balancing the PH

- cleansing the body

- boost weight loss

- restoring the adrenals - improves kidney and bowel function - improves digestion - improves skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema - improves memory and cognitive function

- Anti-oxidents fright off cancer - aids in ADHD, brain fog & memory loss - aids in sleep - hydrate deep on a cellular level - eliminates pathogen viruses - eliminates bacteria

These are just some of the things we can improve, restore, eliminate and heal according to Anthony. He wrote a blog about The Healing Power of Celery (2) where he goes into more detailed benefits and all of the different illnesses and diseases that can be healed.

I believe in Mediums and Anthony's words just resonate with me. PLUS, I was super curious to know how I would feel. I was't sure what to expect but my first sip proved better than the label I placed on it. It was less celery tasting and a bit milkier than I expected. I actually liked it. By the time I finished the entire glass I was full and felt quite satisfied, day one.

I'm also intermittantly fasting as a way to recharge and rest my body while i'm celery juice cleansing. If you're not familiar with fasting, "short-term fasting has been shown to induce autophagy, an important cellular repair process that helps remove waste and toxins to keep your body healthy (3) and other research suggests that intermittent fasting may offer protection against chronic disease and brain aging by altering specific genes and molecules within your body" (4) (5) . I go anywhere from 14 - 18 hours without putting food or liquid in my body. My body is responding well! I did break my fast with warm lemon water or warm lemon water with my blend, my Super Golden Elixir recipe before celery juicing a couple of the days due to scheduling. As far as frequency goes, Anthony recommends juicing first thing on an empty stomach or 1/2 hour after eating and you only need 16 ounces, if you continue (which he recommends) you can increase your intake.

It doesn't take to long to prepare, and I'm using a NutriBullet and cheesecloth to strain the pulp, yet a juicer or prepping the night before in advance would be more effective with time constraints.

By day 11 I had loads of messages in my inboxes asking all sorts of funny and serious questions. I came up with this list:

- Celery juice doesn’t taste like celery

- I’m not green

- I don't think i'll turn green

- Shrek will love me!

- I don’t smell like celery

- I look forward to prepping & drinking my juice ( I talk, dance & listen to music while i'm doing it)

- I've prepped the night before once since I knew I had a full schedule the next day

- I’m feeling so much clearer in my mind

- My body feels & looks lighter (i don’t weigh myself so no idea if I lost weight but i’m sure I have)

- Celery is affordable

- Even though our bodies naturally detox this feels like its helping speed up the process for me

- My skin is eliminating the toxins

- I've had soft &/or liquid stools after the juice once or twice then returned to normal

- i’m fuller longer

- It’s replaced my “breakfast” (i’m fasting at the same time)

- I'm eating two meals (lunch around 12:30 or 2:00 & dinner 5:00 or 7:00 - depending when I break my fast)

I enjoyed my celery juice outdoors every day! I would ground aka earth at the same time. I activated all of my senses with stepping out into nature with my juice - everything looked, smelled, sounded, felt and tasted better. I was feeling much lighter in my body, clearer in may mind, fuller in my stomach, and happier all over. My skin looks brighter and clearer. My digestion was't feeling sluggish before but this gave it a boost for sure! My eliminations are smoother are more consistent. I did experience 2 loose stools in a row within an hour of drinking the juice so keep that in mind. I've done a variety of cleanses, juice cleanses and enemas yet this celery juice is feeling more effective and the benefits are happening rather quickly.

I'm definitely going to continue adding this into my diet. It's incredible how your body can feel when you fuel it with the foods it needs! I felt an overall shift in my mind, body and spirit AND that's pretty powerful!!







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