Super Golden™ Matcha Milk

I've been drinking so much Super Golden Milk lately and had the strangest craving for a matcha latte!! Thankfully we have a cute little can of powdered matcha tea that we got as a gift when Josh's co-workers visited Arizona and i've been dying to try it out! I thought let's just do it! Let's just add matcha to my Super Golden Blend™ and see what it tastes like!!! The worse is that I just won't like it and I never drink it again OR I absolutely love it and make it a recipe?! The recipe won! I'm so super excited to share this with you guys along with an update to my original Super Golden Blend™ recipe!!

You've got to try it! Along with the benefits of anti-inflamatories, adaptogens, antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial, anti - evvvverything! The matcha tea is superior in antioxidants which assist in fighting inflammation in a big way so this is a powerhouse of a latte!

So what is Matcha?

Matcha is a stone-ground Japanese style green tea . Green tea leaves are crushed into powder form and can be used in any smoothie, nice cream or dish. I think the flavor is pretty distinct yet quickly acquired. If you like tea chances are you will like this! Seriously scores high points with me! The most potent active ingredient in green tea matcha is Catechin EGC {gepigallocatechin gallate} which is widely recognized to have cancer fighting properties and also improves mental alertness and clarity, stress reduction, immune system, and assists in detoxification. Basically, it's everything we need to keeping our bodies in tip top shape. All the goodness is in the green!!

While in this discovery process I've also decided to update my recipe for my Super Golden Blend™ and remove the chia seeds. Although they are loaded with benefits for our immune systems I'm ready for a change! Of course i'll still be dumping chia in my smoothies and morning oats..drooool.

But first, try this Super Golden™ Matcha Milk using my updated blend!!

What I used:

1c hemp milk {sweetened vanilla}

1tsp coconut butter

1tsp matcha tea powder

1tsp Super Golden Blend™ { UPDATED recipe}

- turmeric

- ginger

- cinnamon

- maca

- flaxseed {ground}

- black pepper

and a lil love ❤

How I do it:

I add nut milk to a sauce pan at medium heat and add coconut butter and whisk until melted. I then add my Super Golden Blend™ and matcha and whisk until well blended. Pour into your favorite mug {i'm obsessed with Healing Touch Pottery}, pull up a cozy fuzzy warm blanket, your favorite view, your favorite person, people or fur babies, and...




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