​​​​​​​New Year. New Goals. New You!

As we enter into the New Year lets think about ways to nourish our

mind, body and spirit

and be our real authentic selves!!

I’ve seen a tremendous amount of new year resolutions hitting social media and it's so super exciting to see we all want

Happiness, Health, and Wellness !!

Let’s get to the REAL DEAL and aim for GOALS that have staying power!!

Here's few ideas that will help kick-start a healthier happier new you!

Sleep Deep

- The average person needs 7 - 8 hours of sleep to maintain their weight, stress management, and overall health. A calming bedtime routine will help you develop a healthy nights sleep. Try a lavender bath, mediation, yoga, gratitude journal, or reading a favorite self help book.

Sweat More

- Exercise not only helps you burn calories but it releases endorphins which make you feel good! Start off slowly with walking, running, yoga, weight training, cardio class, etc. Exercise to be healthy and maintain your wellbeing, not just as a means to lose weight - otherwise it becomes a chore and not a lifestyle.

Eat Empowered

- Begin incorporating more organic fruits and vegetables, especially greens, into your diet and eliminate processed foods. Stear clear of trendy diets and magic shakes. Create a food journal. Make weekly menus and shop for those foods. Eat intuitively, think of food as fuel and less of eating because it's "breakfast, lunch or dinner time".

Drink Up

- Our bodies are made up of 50 - 75% water. Drinking water helps you lose weight faster and keep it off longer. Water also helps nutrition work, as well as your digestive system. Drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning to assist in detoxification, weight loss, and digestion.

Love More

- Have sex! Lots of it. Not only does it help you lose weight but it releases the hormone chemical Oxytocin which is a "love hormone". Give hugs. Kiss. Hold hands. Cuddle. Get vulnerable. Be intimate. Open your heart.

Stress Less

- Stress contributes to major illnesses such as heart disease, depression and obesity. An easy 4 count breath technique will relax you. Breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, release for a count of 4. Repeat 4 times. Trust me, it works!

Live Consciously

- Clean and organize your home and work space, add plants to your environment, pretty up your refrigerator, recycle, reuse, repurpose, go green! Be more aware of what you use in a day and look for ways to minimize, reduce your consumption and be mindful of your waste.

Nuture Yourself

- Reap the benefits emotionally and physically by regularly treating yourself to a massage, or a bubble bath, manicure, pedicure, shave, body brushing, etc. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on self care if you do it yourself!

No matter what your goals are this year remember to always begin with you!!

Wishing all a very Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!!




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