7 Days 'till {a healthier} Christmas

Who's excited for Christmas?? I know I am and with Christmas right around the corner, I've created 7 healthy and fun things you can do these next 7 days. Yes, healthy can be fun! We've all {or are} fallen for the endless consumerism happening in our country. If it's not Santa Claus, it's Elf on the Shelf, a yankee swap, white elephant, an ugly sweater party or one of those fancy new advent calendars or some other new thing we have to buy or create or... whatever. Enough to make your mind swirl around!! Just know that we don't need to break the bank or our spirits. It's nice to sit back, relax and not worry about what we are or are not spending - and this is a great place to start!


1. Something you Love!

Love and be loved. 'Tis the season to offer our love and support to our family and friends. Y'know the ones that have been there all year long supporting you and cheering you on. Those guys! Relationships are an integral part of our lives and reinforcing them by offering your time, thanks and love is the greatest gift we can give. Set some new traditions while you're at it. So get your tribe together and love each other up!

2. Something to Read!

I love to read! If you love to read and love to gift books or if you've never gifted a book than now is the perfect time. I love the feel of a good book. The smell takes me back in time. I find it nostalgic to sit and read a paper book versus the new online devices. There are so many used books out there that are in perfect condition waiting for a new owner! Check your local bookstores for sales, roam the internet, thrift stores, local online yard sale or ask a friend if they have any books they'd like to pass along. Give the gift of knowledge, give them something to read!

3. Something you Eat!

Nutritious delicious food! With so much going on this next week we often overlook nourishing our own bodies with foods that will provide us with the energy it needs. We go for convenience, eat all the holiday goodies in our office and overindulge at our holiday parties. When we look at food as fuel we begin to train our minds to understand the connection of eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle. We can't run on empty or on nutrient less foods so give your body what it needs, wholesome nutrient dense foods where you can lick your plate clean without feeling lousy. Eat all the fruits and vegetables and drink all the water {or my Super Golden Milk}!

5. Something you Wear!

Smile! You ever notice how much someone's face lights up when they smile? Smiling rewires your brain for happiness. If you prefer to buy something to wear here's a little story for you. I'm not one that likes being cold so I need things that are going to make me feel warmth and comfort and not at the expense of my wallet. I recently bought these North Face boots from a local second hand store, Martha's Closet, for $48. I'm so thankful I found them! I had wanted a pair but couldn't justify spending almost $200 to have them especially right before Christmas! They had lots of name brand coats, sweaters, dresses, shoes and jewelry at reasonable prices too! You never know what you'll find in these second hand stores, so go..try your luck!! Besides, upcycling and recycling is better for the environment and you might just find the perfect gift for you too! Oh, and wear that smile :)

5. Something you Want! We all want happiness! So be happy. It really is that simple when you decide that's how you want to be. What did you do when you were a kid that made you feel that inner happiness? Was it riding our bike? Running with your tongue open ready to catch a snowflake? Making snow angels? Sledding? Making a snowman? Making snowballs? Making tracks in the snow? Venturing out to see houses decorated with lights? Do that again! It's fun and it's free and it's a way of connecting you back with your want for happiness! Be happy!

6. Something you Need!

Fresh air! Get outside and breathe in that good ass prana {and soak in that vitamin D}. Sometimes I find myself wanting to hibernate during these cold months but it's essential for us to get moving and grooving to keep our bodies feeling good! Physical activity releases feel good hormones, helps with weight loss, deceases stress, detoxifies the body, and the list goes on. Plus during these winter months the air always feels so pure and clean to me - take a short walk, sit outside on your porch, open the windows for a few minutes, or just simply open the front door and take a deep breath in and out. Being connected with nature is something we all need!

7. Something to Give! Let's all give gratitude! Be grateful for all the little things, because they usually end up being the big things. The more we are grateful for, the more that comes to us. I list my gratitude's first thing when I get up in the morning and right before I sleep. It's a beautiful routine that I'm super grateful for. Also, give hugs! Lots of hugs. Alot can be healed with a hug! And give your time. Volunteer for a local youth program, veteran's program, nursing home, assisted living, terminally ill or children's hospital. The ideas are endless! Volunteering is a gift in itself. PLUS, it feels good to give!

And one of my favorite quotes:

"To your enemy, forgiveness. To your opponent, tolerance. To a friend, you heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect."


Remember, when you do shop, do your best to shop local and support your community and artisans.

Reindeer paper, rafia + tissue paper: Rainy Day, Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard

Holly & sprig paper: The Local Grocer, North Conway, New Hampshire

Recycled paper + rafia: The Christmas Loft, North Conway, New Hampshire

Holiday gift tags: Lindsey Morris Provost Photography, Martha's Vineyard

Holiday gift bags: Cronigs Market, Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard

Merry Christmas!



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