Super Golden™ Healing Gut Broth

I'm so excited to share my Super Golden Healing Gut Broth with my MBS tribe!! My family definitely knows how passionate I am about my health coaching practice and all that goes with it, including photos..of EVERYTHING, ANYTIME and EVERYWHERE! So yesterday, Thanksgiving prep was no exception and I lined up all the vegetables and other yummies to create a plant based dinner, my third!

My husband, son and daughter are my absolute hard core supporters and..sous chefs and I'm so very grateful for them. That does't mean i'm off the hook - I created this masterpiece too. I'm so thankful that I had almost zero waste from a full family Thanksgiving dinner!! A fulfilling nutritious abundant dinner!! This broth's wholesome healing benefits support an anti-inflammatory diet lifestyle, a reset to the digestive system, and supports immune function.

During the prep we we would toss all the undesirable edible parts in a pot and whaaaaalahhh, my Super Golden Healing Gut Broth was created!!

This is what we used:

2c vegetable broth

2c filtered water

1 lg cauliflower head root and leaves

6 parsnip ends, shavings and roots

12 carrot ends, shavings and roots

12 celery stalk ends, roots, and cut offs

3 lg onion scrapings (red, white and yellow)

2 md delicata squash ends

6 garlic cloves

rosemary clippings

thyme clippings

sage clippings

2tbs my Super Golden Blend™ {organic}




-black pepper


-flax seed {ground}

-chia seed

and a lil ♥

This healing broth is loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It assists your digestive system flow - your intestines, your gallbladder, stomach, liver, spleen, appendix, get it.. They all need serious TLC. Contrary to popular belief we're not machines, we're more like gardens.

Did you know that our emotions, traumas, memories, etc also hide in our guts? and imagine the work our digestive systems do when we're eating foods that are easy to digest. Now imagine the foreign foods that aren't easy at all or simply don't digest or assimilate yet damage the lining, villi, of our intestinal walls which is a leading cause of leaky gut. Broth is a good tool to give your body a reset and a much needed break! And we all need those!

I try to pick vegetables that are local or as close to me as I can get. In fact, the closer the better. Soil carries the micro-biota we need for our immune systems to thrive. Basically, the dirtier the better. But know your dirt!

I don't scrub my vegetables, I give them a gentle rinsing. I want that micro biota! I follow the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen guideline too. Another fun tip - when you want to boost your immune system dig your hands in the earth and get grounded by walking around in nature with bare feet. Swear it helps!

My healing gut broth is also loaded with micro biome that's highly beneficial to our gut flora. Micro biome is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system. Right now I'm in the midst of clearing up Candida in my body so I can use all the help I can get! If you're curious, this is a great article from Dr. Axe on micro biome and our bodies.

I'm so thankful that I'm able to feed my body healing fueling foods and look forward to sipping on my Super Golden™ broth this evening while cuddled up on the couch with my husband and a good movie..ahhh...

What are you thankful for?




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