This unique one-of-a-kind wood and crystal piece is delicate yet bold. There are four pine cones attached to their original branch, three have been tipped with a clear quartz crystal and the fourth has an clear quartz crystal point. This gem is named for the pineal gland since it's shaped like the pine cone. Th epineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin, the serotonin-derived hormone that regulates our sleep patterns through circadian rythym and seasonal shifts. Set your intention for a good nights sleep, place on your bed side table and allow the pine cones to do their work! The clear quartz crystals amplify, magnify and absorb your intentions while bringing balance to the body and stimulating the immune system which also consists of the pineal gland. You may choose to set on your altar or display in your favorite place to amplify your intentions. This is sure to allure you and everyone in!

Masculine Torch

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  • One of kind and unique straight from nature, dry brushed, then sealed using juniper infused natural oil. Natural discoloration and wear may occur. Natural aging, flaking, drying and discoloration may occur.