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Stacey Lea


About Me

I’m a psychic medium, intuitive lifestyle and spirituality mentor, birth and death doula with a background in psychology, a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Yoga Teacher, as well as a certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Practitioner. I’m also the creator of Super Golden Blend™, an all purpose anti-inflammatory superfood that was a catalyst in my plant based diet, and healing. As part of my service work I teach Yoga, volunteer with Hospice to support those in their end of life transition and advocate for victims of domestic abuse and narcissistic abuse.


I also facilitate Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies such as Cacao, Hapé and Sananga. Another facet of my work is joining the Feminine Collective together in Sacred Sister Circles healing, sharing stories, support, empowerment and nurturing one another as we remember and crystallize our Personal Power, Sovereignty and Divinity. 


So what does all this mean? I communicate with spirits. I illuminate darkness. I flow with energy. I intuitively guide healings.

And I sit with those bringing life through this world and those transitioning out of this world. 


I’m here to connect you with your loved ones who've passed on to other realms, to offer messages of love, peace, forgiveness and healing. I'll guide you in awakening to who you really are and why you're here, assist in unraveling the mystery of your true nature and hold space for you to remember and reDiscover You. A space where I support you in your health and wellness intentions as you unfold, expand and open into new dimensions of consciousness while creating your new reality.


How did I get here? All of my life experiences brought me right to this Now. My journey of finding my way back to my Self began in 2009 after being diagnosed with the autoimmune dis-ease Fibromyalgia. This is when my life purpose started revealing itself. I've developed extrasensory abilities over the past 14 years and have been Fibromyalgia free for 10 years. I combine Eastern and Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Shamanic Medicines as well as Yogic practices. In doing so I've developed a unique way of working with clients. I create a custom program using an array of holistic healing tools based on your intentions. We navigate in, around and through all areas of your life; life work, relationships, spirituality, movement, nourishment and everything in-between.

My passion for helping others is a reflection in my teachings as I gently guide you in feeling ease in your

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

The only requirement is to be open minded and ready to explore.


Follow along with me on this magical adventure and I will walk beside you on yours.

I look forward to getting to know you! 


Pebble Beach




Tea & Spirit Talk 


HeartSpace, Fryeburg, ME

3rd Sunday


Energy Work

Alignment/Balancing Session

Reiki Energy


Intuitive Lifestyle, Spirituality, and Nutrition Sessions

Public & Private




Psychic Medium


Sacred Sister Circle

Sacred Plant Medicine

Outdoor Study Group


“You have made a serious impact on my life...all for the better. You have opened my eyes creating awareness and love in me. For the gift of you, i"m extremely grateful!”
Rocks of Balance

Bill C.

"What a gift! It was a beautiful experience and I am grateful. I have a new feeling of calm - rather than panic - when I experience a dip in my health (mentally or physically) because I know I have tried and true steps I can take to combat these issues"
Rock Balancing

Andrea P.

"Deeply caring and invested in my health + wellbeing. Stacey was an empathetic listener that always made me feel valued and heard. She was supportive and provided me with tools to help me find my own way to the embodiment process    "
Rock Balancing

Nicole D.


Get In Touch

 HeartSpace, Fryeburg, Maine 04037 \\ Tel: 508-889-3099


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